Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slow Jammin' the Mrs. Links

Welcome to The Mrs. Links. They're a bunch of "hey, check these out" links I send to my wife on a regular basis. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're informative...and they're usually mindless.

Today we start with Slow Jammin' the News with Jimmy Fallon and one of my favorite people on TV, Brian Williams: 

As a follow-up to yesterday's links, a few gems:

  • Yesterday I showed you Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar's "Movie: The Movie". Today, "The Making of Movie: The Movie: 
  • Grantland link that delivers yet another post-mortem on the Oscars (with a great quote:  “The Artist people were in line in front of me and now I smell like cigarettes and entitlement.”).
  • Remember the 'vocal fry' from yesterday? More on that here.
  • Are you familiar with the term 'humblebragging'? There are some great and current examples here.
Moving away from the Oscars, probably for the year, onto music:
  • Storm Large isn't exactly a household name, but I've been a fan of hers going back to Rock Star: Supernova, the Mark Burnett-produced reality show that tried to find a lead singer for a supergroup that imploded before it started. Storm was one of the contestants. She didn't win, but she's been keeping busy. She performed here a couple of weeks ago...and she's coming back for a book signing. Details are here.
  • In the realm of music reunions, there are those that you know will happen eventually (see Van Halen and Roth, David Lee), those that are unlikely (The Smiths) and those that you forget about but are happy to see. The latter is here.
  • I know I shouldn't, but there at least two pieces of body art here I wouldn't mind having. That's right, Duran Duran tattoos.

Finally, two links very unrelated:

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  1. Hey thanx! I appreciate, the mention of our FB page Beautiful Colours: Duranie Tattoos. Please check back as more are posted all the time. And if you get one, PLEASE come share it.