Monday, January 10, 2011

Something New: The Daily Dose

"Why the hell do you know that?"

I get asked this question a lot.

My gift for trivia is both a blessing and a curse...I tend to view it as a blessing. Sure, my knowledge of all things trivial takes up brain space that might be better used for something else, but I take pride in the nuggets of information I'm able to impart at random moments. What good is knowing that Jerry Reed wrote songs for Elvis and was buddies with Burt Reynolds unless you can share it?

Besides "Why the hell do you know that?", I'm also often asked, "Where the hell did you find that?". My natural response is "It found me", but I know that isn't always an acceptable response. With that, I'm creating something new on Musicule called The Daily Dose. Here, I'll put down the links to some of the random items that caught my eye on a particular day. These are likely to be items you already know about, or they may be something new. Regardless, for whatever reason, I found them fascinating enough to click on or ponder upon today:
  • Large SF Quakes on Twitter: Thanks to @andrewwoodward, I stumbled upon this gem today, a Twitter account that tracks, in real time, big earthquakes in the Bay Area. I consider it a 'nice to know' feature. Mind you, if the quake is big enough, I'll feel it in real time naturally, but I'll take any heads up I can get!
  • The Hall of Very Good: I'm a big baseball fan, but I'm even more fascinated by baseball history, particularly the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. I fell upon this site today when reading an article about the likelihood of Gary Sheffield retiring. Even less than a week after the Hall announcing it's inductees, it's nice to find a place for more information about possible HOFers and almost rans.
  • Food Truck Friday in Napa: On Friday, I had the opportunity with @Audra_Smith in tow, to visit the Oxbow Market's Food Truck Friday...which had about ten food trucks and tables set up. It's worth visiting, particularly if the weather's nice...however, the buzz at our table was concerning a notable lack of salt being used by the Karma food truck. I'm all for low sodium dining, but when one orders a chicken tikka masala that is lacking in flavor, something's wrong. Thanks to Three Twins Ice Cream, which has a stall in the nearby market, flavor was restored.
  • Speaking of food. Have a read of Paula Deen's extensive recipe for English Peas. Better yet, read the comments below the recipe. You'll never look at butter and peas the same way again.
  • Back to music...did you ever wonder why a CD holds 74 minutes of music. Thanks to Gizmodo, we know.
  • The Worst of Soul Train: While not a link I stumbled upon today, it is one I looked up. SNL has had a great run this season. This past week's Jim Carrey-hosted episode wasn't one of their best this year, but this sketch made me laugh. And if the product actually existed, I'd buy it.
  • Finally...I feel bad leaving you with a clearly lacking, two ingredient recipe on my website. As an alternative, have a look at this one. I made it last week and it came out perfect.

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